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Limitless clean energy by enabling a star on earth


Heat flux is the flow of energy per unit of area per unit of time. In the high tech industry, product performance is often directly related to the heat flux that can be handled. It is StarWarden’s mission to develop a compact device capable of dissipating the most extreme heat fluxes produced by any machine, while maintaining a constant temperature. This will enable your products to achieve their ultimate performance.

Heat Pipes & Additive Manufacturing

StarWarden intends to realize this ambition by employing heat pipes. A heat pipe is a closed evacuated system, partially filled with a working fluid. As long as a fraction of this fluid is in the liquid phase, it behaves effectively as a thermal superconductor. Heat pipes are no new technology and they are already in widespread use, but their full potential has always been limited by the manufacturing process. Now, with the advent of additive manufacturing, it is finally possible to create an optimized design capable of handling the maximum possible heat flux.

3D-printed Heat Pipe Array

The 3D-printed Heat Pipe Array is being developed by StarWarden for this purpose. By individually optimizing an array of heat pipes we are able to absorb the maximum possible heat flux. This heat flux is then gradually dispersed away from the surface until conventional cooling channels are finally able to absorb and remove the heat. This is how StarWarden combines the proven reliability of heat pipes with the versatility of additive manufacturing to achieve maximum performance.

Operating Temperature

The 3D-printed Heat Pipe Array can be manufactured from several different metals suitable for containing high performance working fluids. Each of these fluids performs best within a certain temperature range. StarWarden offers multiple solutions to match your desired operating temperature. Water for low temperatures, sodium for high temperatures, and lithium for the most extreme environment of all: Direct contact with a fusion plasma.


Nuclear fusion is the energy source of the universe, because the stars that power it are simply fusion plasmas. Creating such plasmas on earth would provide limitless clean energy to the world and has long been a dream of many. Fusion plasmas have been formed using strong magnetic fields, but containing them has been challenging due to the intense heat flux they generate. StarWarden was founded with the vision to create a design that can withstand a fusion plasma and to be the warden of this star.